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Related article: Date: Tuesday, March 1, 2004 March 00th 27 EST From: aol Wyzman34. com Subject: Brother 2 Brother Brother 2 Brother Michael Martell A word from the author: Hello and thanks for reading my work. Almost a year ago I started to in the story of four African American gay men who were friends, and continued his life and basically tells a story of friendship and love among them. The name of this story is called ' brothers like us. "I story published in the chapter by chapter in the history file of Nifty, and later in my own yahoo group called brothers like us. The answer I in my work was enormous and encouraging, and I found myself facing the work ` Brothers of compliance" with the idea of Brothers sequel. So I started Preteen Loli Nymphets work of Brother 2 Brother No, I hope to live up to brothers like us. I hope you enjoy Brother 2 Brother and I hope your call the whole world how it progresses. Also for fans of brothers like us, I'm trying in the process , brothers like us to be published, So for me, and I pray, to follow the progress. Thanks again and God bless you all! Michael Martell, the writer. CHAPTER ONE : Eric Williams I was born, a writer, storyteller and author, if you will. After n to my mother, I began to tell stories when I have two years old, barely able to speak with , and when I was five, I started writing the stories he told. Growing up, I found myself writing what I saw can the day, my brother, Lance, got into a fight with the neighborhood bully, Riley Freeman. Riley throws in whipped cream ass after getting Riley keeps us younger children. I watched and wrote more and more to shock. I informed about all the punches and kicks like a good reporter should. With high school was quite interested in journalism and writing. With a comprehensive university that is time was important journalism and an internship in the local newspaper, and when I was studying a full-fledged journalist, or at least in my head. I began in the free pressAnd it did work pretty well for me but it felt like something was missing that should be done, that I was not, and after all Preteen Loli Nymphets the events of last year I had this what it was, to write a book. Now I know that almost everyone who has no talent as a writer, has think and I went to write a book, the next great American novel, n and I was not but unless you have a story has , I probably be sold. A story that was involved in real life reality of many people, some who knew him personally. That's when I sat down, and work n 'in my story, I called the scandal " was. Scandal corruption, greed, money, and murder in the attitude of local and state policy. In recent years, things really hit the fan here, when it can not be revealed, is server, the mayor, police chief and a U. S. State. UU. the senator, with dreams, the next governor, were all but the n a corrupt land deal that made tFederation and some other very rich as hell. Everything about Ashley Homes project called Apartments. It really all started off a simple Preteen Loli Nymphets drug gang connection shooting and killing, but soon the air of a huge scandal. It was like is large, the police chief committed suicide and suicide note involved the mayor, senator and several other high-ranking cities the county and state officials. The plan was that people have, for each run of Ashley pressed to close an eye on rising and rising crime, the rate of the region. What was expected to take off and people those who could afford to move, Preteen Loli Nymphets so he did. But there are still many who n I could not move and stayed. These greedy people wanted the land to be could be used and developed in the most advanced uses, and its line pockets and advance their own political agenda. The mayor had a dream to bigger office, a Senate seat for free if Hampton Senator Dysonwas elected governor and with the support of a governor way the mayor is going to be a shoo -in. It was a simple plan really. Lead people n Ashley by all means is required. It was a city code, to take charge of the big city can property, thus avoiding that is not used for illegal activities and has been developed for the benefit of the city. That was the plan, if the country was in the hands of the city, then it might be a company that is into something that the city would be proud. Would you give the clerk Land Development Company, which bought the property in the city and all the n to make the city had the property was ordered to pay to acquire and then sell it. Registered Land Development would make the land worth double, even triple worth it. The city to earn money and thus Regis Land Development y, in exchange for this money will help people realize their political dreams and a little mad money. So what happened ? Well, a rogueApart cop named Ed Montgomery, which is n the nefarious plot of the mayor and companies that have been tested, n is a big time drug king, and had organized a coup in a rival drug gang. how they would become my ​​friend was raped and Sean Montgomery was one of the two investigation of the violation. It was revealed that Sean was a true friend return to do with drugs, or at least had a plan, and put it in the same conflict with Montgomery. Victor had established Montgomery, friend Sean, who and killed by him in the middle. But Montgomery hit his own death s then I would. I wrote an article about Ashley Casas apartments, but I was also interested, s like a man like Cecil Montgomery was able to become a policeman, and so I began to investigate his past by writing Preteen Loli Nymphets history Ashley, and soon the dots are connected, and if my story on the Ashley the press documents, everyone was curious as to what was really happening in the Ashley and the governor, who tries to keep his office and the State abo nney general began investigating and demanding answers and results, and as the Norman Police Chief Darlington had not committed suicide, leaving a a suicide note and everything to try to give names, still confessed \\ \\ n things. The results were that the Mayor and Senator Dyson political careers were and some others too, and many people, among them the mayor and the senator to jail. was definitely a scandal that had worldwide and all that at all levels, but led to some good. Maggie Ward Councillor, was mayor in a special election and his first task was to cancel all bids with Regis and n City began the renovation of Houses Apartments Ashley. A new police chief was selected Gladys Captain Brown, chief of police detectives in the war and a senior officer of many years, it was found that the largest n African-American female police chief of any city in America. For a full discussion of policerruption came into force the day after Chief Brown took office. The city was on the way back from the scandals of the past. As for me, my book was published and was an instant success, that it seems that the true stories of political and economic corruption was hot and sale and had the opportunity of the moment. I was interviewed by all the n of Oprah and Larry King to talk about the possibility of a cast of the film based on in my book, my agent, Karen Logan, and I worked hard on it. Also I have in n was my second book will no doubt be a work of fiction. I was on the phone with Karen, who told me about a planned trip was the book , and Jermaine went to my office. He looked at me and smiled, and smiled back. He wore a dark suit from Hugo Boss, which was with burnt almond complexion. Jermaine was too good for words. The Preteen Loli Nymphets two worked regularly at the gym with good body and the results was very clear to us both, but Jermaine just that much more sexyin my opinion. Even in his suit, I realized that thick, muscular in the chest, abs and big biceps. In the year since we've been together, he had grown up a goatee, which remained perfect and clean at all times, there was not n many others, as if the muscles of my stomach up and strengthen my legs and buttocks changed with all the determination of sex was always Jermaine my days thick propulsion only been long gone. He approached me and gave me a kiss on the cheek before my office. If someone had told me a year ago I was in your living room ` marriage ' the happiness of this sexy man had told me they were crazy. that both resigned to our apartment and buying a house, a nice house, thanks to in my book deal and Jermaine salary Whitney, Kendall u0026 Ross ad Agency. Not only had a wife, but also parents to be, well, a s stepfather. JJ n Jermaine son visits every weekend and is really a joy, this well-educated, kind, sweet and intelligent seven years old. He was theImage of his father, no doubt. Weekend for us n a JJ include things such as shopping, football, basketball, soccer, the favorite places of JJ and rings, JJ mad when s met my friend Mohammed, a professional wrestler and has to do with another professional fighter named Sonny Devine. Dinner at dinner table, go to amusement parks and the Fair and the film like any other couple the United States. Still burns me that some people have to the head, two men or two women can not I give to a child, good moral support, since the parents are doing. Well, we can. Jermaine was the conversation with JJ about us and what 'gay ' and how it is and I 'm sorry about others and how we feel about it. He told JJ, that love that has for me is the same as the love of his grandparents for each others. JJ is a smart guy, and after he and his father to talk, he went to and gave me this big hug and said he loved me and was happy I was, gay. " Why? " I had asked him and he looked at me and said. " Cause you're my dad happy, too. " That was enough to make n me. I was in love with another man Robinson. I gave him a big hug and realized what a parent is going and why so many gay men and the woman wanted to adopt children and have their own account. When a family is based on the basis of love, how can anyone deny that? Why should they ? I have the phone with Karen, and out into the living room in which he learned to play the big-screen TV and the sound of ESPN, one of the favorite stations of the Jermaine. He sat on the couch. He had changed his suit in a couple of sweatpants, a shirt and bare feet on the coffee table. He had a bottle of water on hand and focus on the television program. He smiled and went with him on the couch, hugs close to him. It felt good and warm and I could still smell her Cologne, Cool Water, to him. He kissed the top of my head and shook me. I smiled when I saw the TV and saw the photo of Kobe Bryant. " This is bullshit," said Jermaine. I was stuck behind Kobe Bryant and believed him when he said he did not rape the girl. I had a different view that we have a hell of a discussion which lasted for causing hours, but ended with a marathon lovemaking session. " try to destroy the life of Kobe and his marriage. " Continued Jermaine. I did not want Kobe to another argument that is not when I s feels warm next to the man I love. He slid his hand and shirt rub his belly, which is always turned to him. " The man said he was Consentual why I can not leave her alone ? " I rub my belly was moving to the navel. " A man has an affair and the trick is sick, when he brings home the in love with his wife and not them. " He continued. Not be drawn in an interview in Kobe. I went from his navel to his groin and smiled when he felt his cock twitch and stiffness. "Baby, what are you doing? " Jermaine said. Vi it. " If you ask me it is too long. " I replied. Jermaine smiled. "Baby, I see this in Kobe. " ", you can. Go ahead and see. " I said. He let go the string of his training pants and pushed my hand. He wore no underwear. " B.. Baby... stop... " He stammered. I smiled as I fell sweatpants enough for your cock to appear. It was thick and red and swollen n in all their blood. I opened my mouth and swallowed all half past eight inches. I went to my nose in his pubic hair hair. Jermaine legs began to shake, he always did when I was a him a blowjob. " Ooh shit!" He groaned. "Damn, baby Damn!" Jermaine hips began up and down and realized that I now care about Kobe s Bryant. He lifted his hips and slid his pants down to ankles y of the feet. He was naked except for his shirt and his mouth that covers and suckingEng every inch of his tail. I ran my fingers lightly by her bare legs up and down around his thighs and his balls up to the starting point, lightly tickled. Jermaine is a fine madness, but when I tickle his balls while sucking cock, gets out of his thoughts. " DAMNIT DAMNIT...... Oooooh Ooooh baby... good! " Jermaine said, , who resisted and staggered. Yes, Kobe Who? I felt his hands prior to I in the back. He tried to pull my shirt over my head. He loved it, I feel like my naked body while I gave him a blowjob. My shirt slipped n and I returned to my main man sucking cock as I rubbed her back. the hands of his s I went to my chest, and began to irritate play with my nipples. I did and made me suck harder. Legs Jermaine must then make a serious agitation. I was kicking shoes and every effort to hold his cock naked. I do not s pretty good. Jermaine had removed his shirt and my hands were a down your CHEt, pulling her nipples erect. " Ahhh... Oooh... baby... baby... Please stop... you... me... " I subject hard and pulled on the tail. I tickled his balls and then joked ass with my finger. " AHHHHHH.... Damn!" Jermaine lamented. He grabbed me and I n and kissed me hard on the lips. His shot from the tongue in my mouth and our two languages ​​came to a duel and dance. His body was hot fire, which had the fever , and I also thing about us was that when it comes to using sex, make love or whatever, we were back and ready. Jermaine and I continue to kiss and touch each other body parts until they can take no more. Jermaine has for me that I was down on the couch, the feet of my s hanging over the edge. He spread his legs apart, while I kiss your lips, my neck. My chest, stomach and my cock. Then she lifted my balls and began gently and then kiss my ass. " WOOOOO !" I liked that. I felt her tongue go to work and I n where as the assmore than one language expert rked and Jermaine had to tongue. I always felt very relaxed and loose. Jermaine was sipping and swallowed my ass and I knew what it meant. I feel that n half past eight for me very soon. "... Baby baby baby baby... " Jermaine said as he lifted his head and open my thighs. He looked into my eyes. "I love you so much. " " I love you too. " I said, and then I felt it. I felt his hard cock Enter me. Jermaine knew how to handle my body. The language in the ass always E n me so relaxed and relaxed once he would be able to not much resistance. My ass is stuck closely together quickly and has to be licked before n. As his cock in my ass was swallowed and moved inside. " AHHHH Jermaine... yes... it feels good. " And he did. Jermaine tail was off the hook and the way how I could throw that dick crazy how good. Jermaine began to swing around the hips and pushed in the queue in me a good feeling that I love. I wrapped my armsby Jermaine as rocked and rolled over. His cock in and out of me and makes me crazy. He kissed me hard and long, my arms around him. I do not want it to end. I love this man with all my heart and I did not know that end. But I know my baby 's body, one shot, very stroke and I knew that s the point of no return came. "Eric... ahhh... baby baby baby you're so gooooood ! " Jermaine moaned in my ear. " I love you baby... I love you Jermaine... " I grabbed Jermaine n when I felt his body tense. " Ooooh baby, baby, baby... I... and shit.... AHHH.... " I was not too far from it and not blow. I was as shocked and rolled and pushed and connect the end. " AHHHHH... YESYESYESYESYESYESYES " My eyes, feeling the mighty waves of Jermaine enters me. My cock could not hold over and exploded. " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH " "Baby Baby Baby!... I... I.... I... " pushed Jermaine two more times and that was. She let out a loud cry, as it was as a volcano. I could feel it inside me, filling me. And yes, are HIV negative, although they generally use condoms, Preteen Loli Nymphets there are times, such as for when this happens. Jermaine gently placed on top of my dick n or me and feel comfortable. We laid there and hugged and kissed hug and then go away, with the dream of ESPN in the right place. Jermaine smooth snoring woke me up. That and his tail, which is still in me, always difficult. I gently woke him with kisses and reluctantly escaped from me and go to the bathroom. I looked for the control a distance, flipping the channel from ESPN. I was flipping channels at random, when I landed on CNN and stopped. What is a picture of me to stop was the infamous rapper. Infamous was one of the most controversial rappers round. He was known for his lyrics about females, hospitals, and known thug life struggle street. The statements on women, especially the title track called ' Ho'. Ho know " flo whatcha doing, some of the lyrics were! Ass up, open is taken in the mouth long and hard. " Needless to say, many women with the problems was but up, and edited and unedited versions n have a lot of play on the radio and the video was seen on BET MTV, VH1 and after enough complaints that were outside the path of rotation \\ \\ n in primetime. Their second album is still causing more controversy. is ` bullet called a " badge and creates more drama than Ice -T Cop murderer. in Bala Infamous has a badge was persecuting the young brothas go to the \\ \\ n, and that a police bullet in a currency was the final trophy. notorious was not my friendship with women and police, but he was making money, ah n I had something to gays. His Infamous mothafucka latest album called has a song called ' fag ass " and is about a young gay man who abused Brotha n ' hate- fag 'big brother happy. how to bulletBadge infamous had to be pursued and beaten gay vocation. Yes, I was in a class act, but also was one of the best-selling rapper today. I n the volume turned on the TV and hear that anchor woman. " We are now in Atlanta, Georgia for the press conference," photo was a reporter position in front of a courthouse was Atlanta, Georgia. The reporter had to explain that after the district attorney declined to say whether charges against this n is the rapper famous for the shooting death at his concert in Atlanta last night. Jermaine went back into the room as the prosecutor, a woman named Jacqueline Moore said. " Ladies and gentlemen, last night in the concert of rap. Darrin Felix Wade, aka Infamous has to shoot and kill William Scott Tanner. At this time the prosecution is ready to bring charges against the of Mr. Wade.... These charges are " all of a sudden there was a big booming voice from the beginning, thatinterrupted what the prosecutor said. She looked angry and confused as everyone else n looked like this. The cameras were turned around and landed in what n where the action was. On the other side of the press conference was a fleet three Cadillac Escalade white with tinted windows and gold chrome rims and along with an Escalade Escalade Limousine, Jet was black with metallic silver equipment, wheels and the same silver color windows. About the vehicles was a small group of African Americans brothas n on the size of the Atlanta Falcons defensive line with black suit and dark glasses. Around his neck he wore a thick gold and some n had silver necklaces. Were large, medium and ready for action. the door of black Escalade limousine opened and a helmet took a two-tone Brotha red and black suit came with a microphone in hand. He was older of the brothas in black and twice as wide. He had a bald head shining, a very dark, black and bitter chocolate. He smoked a big cigar n and carrying a silver cane top. I knew who he was, like all the n to live in Atlanta, Georgia. Nothing less than "Big Daddy Kane Hannibal, founder s the owner of notorious Records. Leaving was the man behind him, time, Infamous. Preteen Loli Nymphets Infamous monkey had his own his infamous clothing line. It was silver and gold, and wore a This huge chain with a medallion crazy huge diamond on the end. It was the bat picture presentation to the fullest. has in hand, two Preteen Loli Nymphets fists full of diamonds and gold rings n. had a milk chocolate complexion, broad, proud of Nubia 's nose and facial features, had braids and he was clean shave. He was defiant in his' Bring It on the black attitude "and he is looked like he was ready to rumble. The prosecutor, police and reporters do not know what to do stood there and watched and waited. They do not have to wait a long time Hannibal Kane took the microphone to his lips. "Ladiesand gentlemen, my name is Hannibal, Kane and this young man here is the only, infamous. " Not sure, but it seemed that his voice came out of the limo as a great sound system. " Well, something terrible happened last night. Last night, while Infamous is entertaining their fans, who almost made ​​the victim of a crime... murder! " The journalists began writing and team focus much of Hannibal s DA problems. " Well, the prosecutor says he wants to charge for this heinous crime , but I tell everyone that had been the Infamous crime would be if n have been killed. When the man he had shot the first shot. Now infamous n want the situation calmed down and that's what we're here today to do. Getting settled. We, therefore, he's here to surrender to the police n and the attorney for all the questions you want to ask. "Journalists even hand. " Now that I've brought in some consultants who I am infamous for will certainly contribute to this issue is dealt with quickly. "Hannibal and outside the classroom of forty -ish looking white man with thinning hair came gray and a beaked nose and bulging eyes. He wore an expensive suit. All there, panting, for all the world knew it. But when the second man came there was a clamor of noise was incredible. was a African-American with short black hair and mustache. there was a honey nut complexion. He Montell Williams looked like with hair. These two guys famous lawyers. the white man was David H. Solomon, and the Brotha was Harrison J. Fordham. If Johnny Cochran, F. Lee Bailey and Robert Shapiro \\ \\ n were the dream team, then these guys were the supreme team. these are the types call the ideal when you need lawyers. Jermaine whistled n as he saw it from the sedan, and the camera had filmed the DA, was fleeing as they wanted. Hannibal led the Supreme ' the team, even though everyone knew who they were. announced that he wanted infamous impliesavailable to answer questions. with Supreme Team attorneys are, no doubt. And with that Hannibal, Infamous n and the Supreme Team was crossing the street and even in the DA, n looked surprised and unprepared. He turned to say something a someone behind her when a policeman opened the infamous wives. Cameras was a reporter and everyone was encouraged. Infamous raised hands in the air and the crowd booed him to be handcuffed. The DA turned and looked at the officer handcuffed hot and then had all the n was pushed inside. "Damn," Jermaine said as I turned the channel to something else. "I know, right. " It was all I could say. Never understood this fools who believed in rap all the shots and the bling bling and so that dass crazy, and people like Hannibal Kane is used to get rich. " The prosecutor looked to kill the police. " " Well, he was at his job. I have also tied up the ass. " Jermaine looked wonder, as if it had two heads. Preteen Loli Nymphets "Baby, are you serious ? " "Sure, he killed someone, I had tied the ass fast. " "Baby, that was self-defense. " Said Jermaine. "Jermaine, you have everything that I was sure now ? The final to see what the security and defense needs infamous. Killed a someone and he will pay. " "What is innocent until proven guilty ? " Jermaine said and I knew that wherever you go. So began the argument of Kobe. " How about the fact that he brought in the further processing of the in the world with him. " I answered. " Because he knew he could spend some shit, and he came prepared. " " if he is innocent, why have a lawyer. " I said. Jermaine shook his head. "Really ? Are you serious ? " " Yes, why ? " " After all the shit that's always with his friend Sean raped and the police murder of his friend , you sit there n to say something. you know. How can the police, " said Jermaine. " JerMaine what Sean is not the same thing happens when what is happening with the infamous and I'll have more on this discussion. "" Oh! Therefore, if the discussion is not thick you want to talk. " Jermaine stood up. " Well, I'll be working on the computer. "And with this left. Damn, I hate when they fight over some stupid things, especially as Kobe and Infamous. Yes, you're right about how the law treats Africa American. And important that African -Americans who know the law and the use of to make the whites. But Infamous "lifestyle did himself at that moment I thought those words I felt a pain in my belly.. to continue I would like to hear from you please contact me at aol com wyzman34 e- mail or visit my yahoo group, as brothers, Please contact :.. Http://groups n. yahoo. com / group / brothers_like_us /
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